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Composite Decking

Sauna & Decks For Africa recogonises the need to offer a composite decking option and alternative to hard wood options and is proud , not only to be a profferred installer of the entire "Envirodeck" range of composite products (please see for complete detailed information), but to be able to endorse the Envirodeck range as our prefered and recommended "composite decking and composite product" range of choice.

Sauna & Decks For Africa are ardent supporters of any "sustainable" and "eco friendly" products and we have found that within the portfolio of products as supplied by Envirodeck.

Composite decking is just one more way to improve your impact on the planet. Nowadays, everyone is looking to choose eco-friendly alternatives and when it comes to decking, composite materials are the best choice. Contrary to what many people believe, composite materials can be as visually appealing as wood, and also come with an array of enhanced features.

Typical Examples of the Envirodeck Ranges available (please see for further information:-



Mocha (P22) - Stock Item

Inspired by traditional timber, this dark earth tone, smooth and sleek, is the perfect choice.


Namib (P4D) - Stock Item

Resembling the warm sun baked sand dunes of the Namib Desert, this colour perfectly suits any bush camp retreat.


Lava (P1D) - Stock Item

A charcoal black that complements the discerning tastes of homeowners striving for architectural perfection.



Kalahari (P4) - 8 Weeks

A golden brown that resembles the warm earth tone of the Kalahari Desert.  Smooth and soft to the touch.


Etosha (P15B) - 8 Weeks

The colour emulates the sands of the Etosha Pan and turns to a weathered ash grey after exposure to the sun.


Moremi (P1B) - 8 Weeks

Suitable for any season, this pristine grey will suite any contemporary outdoor decking application.


What is a "composite" material?
Composite materials are made from reclaimed wood products mixed with a sophisticated blend of recycled plastic products. There are some good composite materials and some not-so-good composite materials. The quality of any composite material depends on the type and characteristics of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process and the patented production processes used to manufacture the product. Typically the blend of a composite material is 50/50 recycled wood fibers and plastics.
Composite materials are engineered to precise design specifications, which are tested to meet local and international building standards.

What are composite materials used for?
Composite wood or wood plastic composite (WPC) as its commonly called, is used for a very wide range of applications such as decking, cladding, railing and replacing existing wood applications. Durability is an important performance attribute for composite materials. Composite profiles offer tremendous strength and versatility, without sacrificing any beauty.

Does composite wood retain its strength in severe weather?
Most plastics, composite included, becomes less flexible in cold conditions and more flexible in hot conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, weather does not compromise the performance of the product and the profiles are specifically designed to withstand temperature variances. Composite is perfectly suited to any local weather conditions throughout the seasons.

Is composite safe?
The finished installation hides all sharp objects such as clips and unsightly screws, leaving nothing but a smooth barefoot friendly surface. Composite has a tough finish, does not get slippery when wet, contains no harmful chemicals and is totally safe all round.

What care and maintenance is required?
Please be aware that there is no such thing as "maintenance-free decking". You still have to do the basics to keep Envirodeck products looking their best. It is recommended that you wash your deck periodically with a composite deck cleaning product to remove any surface stains, dirt or debris. Avoid the use of rubber-backed mats, pot plants or any permanent objects left on the deck for an extended period of time, as these items can cause discolouration to the decking surface or colour variations compared to the rest of the deck. For day-to-day cleaning, use a regular broom or stiff bristle brush to wipe off excess leaves, dust and debris. For more stubborn areas, use a garden hose or high pressure washer, ensuring the distance from the surface is between 20-30 cm; and a composite deck wash.

Is Composite susceptible to natural weathering and colour fading?
All natural products weather over a period of time as part of the natural weathering process. 10% of the products composition is a combination of UV stabilisers and colour additives, preventing colour deterioration. Colours emulate the textures and natural colour variations of real wood and will stabilise over a period of six months after installation, from the original colour to a shade lighter. The profile will stay in the same family of colour it is in, although over time, UV rays from sun will fade Composite from its original colour as is the case with ANY outdoor decking product including timber or PVC decking.

Is Composite expensive in relation to wood alternatives?
But composite is more economical than any lumber product if compared to true lifecycle costs rather than initial capital outlay costs. Even if the initial purchase price is higher, by simply adding maintenance (painting, sanding, sealing, water proofing or staining) to the equation, you will realise drastic cost savings over the long term. Time will be spent enjoying the deck rather than maintaining it, providing time and cost savings all round.