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ECO Conscious

Sauna & Decks For Africa Sustainable Timber Procurement Policy

Policy Statement

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management through Sustainable Procurement

We, Sauna & Decks For Africa recognize that:

As a user of timber and wood-based products, Sauna & Decks For Africa recognizes that it has a responsibility to current and future generations and will therefore strive to promote sustainable forest management. By demanding products from sustainably managed forests, we aim to stimulate the improvement of forest management and discourage unsustainable management practices.

We, Sauna & Decks For Africa's, will give preference to suppliers who can demonstrate that their products originate from sustainably managed forests.

We consider it important that the origin of our wood-based products can be demonstrated through credible, independent Chain of Custody certification based on international standards and norms. In this context, we recognize the global PEFC forest certification system, as well as other third-party verified certification systems based on similar principles, as evidence of responsible and sustainable sourcing.

Timber and the Carbon Offset benefit

Today we have many varieties of products to choose from when building any new timber component structure. Many companies are using steel over the traditional use of timber in a lot of aspects of construction but timber still remains a firm favourite. The environmental benefits of timber outweigh the use of steel enormously. Wood is the only truly renewable and sustainable building material. Timber is the most energy efficient building material. Wood is made from solar energy and requires only this to produce a natural and renewable produce. A timber structure, including timbers used for manufacturing of Sauna's actually stores the carbon. The alternative building products such as steel, concrete and plastic require far more energy/fossil fuels to produce.

Green Product Range:

Sauna & Decks For Africa is an accredited installer of several Composite Decking products, by way of definition a composite is a material, in which two or more distinct, structurally complementary substances are combined to produce a product with structural or functional properties not present in any individual component. In the case of composite decking the primary components are most often a plastic and an organic material, usually wood fiber.

Sauna & Decks For Africa is an accredited installer of the following Composite Deck materials available in South Africa:-

Composite decking captures the natural beauty of wood and will endure the harsh local climate without the excessive care requirements normally associated with wood. Composite is ideal for game lodge decks, swimming pool decks, sun decks, walkways, jetties, cladding and so much more. The material is moisture resistant so it can withstand exposure to sunlight and rain, making it the perfect product for all applications.

Composite Decking materials are eco-friendly and green because it is made from a total of

Informative Facts

The global savings through the recycling manufacturing processes equates to the following green stats:

The 38% post-consumer recycled content is equivalent of 57% - about two and a half times the required amount for green classification.

The process of making Composite Deckingstops millionsof kilograms of refuse from entering landfills every year.

A 12m² deck roughly contributes to the reduction of green house gasses by 280 kg, CO² equivalent, as well as the saving of 416 litres of fuel.

The use of recycled content lowers overall lifecycle costs, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gasses and waste, conserves future resources and creates jobs.